3D Printing in Industry 4.0

3D Printing & 3D Scanning in the Middle East


Oil & Gas

3D printing provides innovative contributions to industry 4.0, and its potentials continue to grow. 

Design & Development


Modeling and Production - As in many disciplines, 3D printing enables iterative production of models and prototypes of industrial parts. Some of the applications served by the models include (1) outreach to potential customers using parts that are easy to handle and demonstrate, (2) training on existing parts and machines, and (3) design and test of new parts. Meanwhile, 3D printing enables efficient production of complex functional parts using custom designs and qualified materials that meet desired specifications.

Replacement of Obsolete Parts - Reasons for obsolete parts becoming as such include absence of original manufacturer, lack of demand, or dated design. 3D scanning of obsolete parts and their reproduction by 3D printing allows for (1) fast replacement of parts without the risk of long delays and disruption in operations, and (2) sharing of information for producing improved modifications of parts over time.  

3D Printing by SLA

Curing by UV